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Home Stay

Our SUNDAY HOSPITALITY Company is for managing homestays that provides comprehensive information about host families, their homes, student rooms, pets, allergies, number of students, available rooms, family profile with digital pictures, etc.Homestay is a popular form of hospitality and lodging whereby visitors sleep at the residence of a local of the city to which they are traveling. The length of stay can vary from one night to over a year and can be provided for free, in exchange for monetary compensation, in exchange for a stay at the guest's property either simultaneously or at another time (home exchange), or in exchange for housekeeping or work on the host's property. Homestays are examples of collaborative consumption and sharing. In cases where money is not exchanged in return for lodging, they are examples of a barter economy or gift economy. Both hosts and guests can benefit from opportunities for cultural diplomacy, friendship, intercultural competence, and foreign language practice and immersion that are often provided by homestays.