Consultant Services


Sunday hospitality team has extensive 25 years experience throughout India in Concept development, Market research, Economic Feasibility study, Strategic business planning, Project development, Technical assistance, Marketing and sales, Pre-opening and on-going Operations in the Hotels, Resorts, Convention, Restaurant and Micro brewery, Integrated Mixed use and Leisure industry. Key locations of focus for Sunday's Hospitality Consulting Services have been most of the primary and secondary cities of India including leisure destinations with international exposure to markets of Sri Lanka, Oman, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

Sunday's Hospitality Consulting Services works towards providing turnkey solutions. Sunday's portfolio of services includes, Concept Development, Market Research and Economic Feasibility Study, Strategic Business Planning, Project Development, Technical Assistance, Marketing and Sales, Pre-opening and Management Services.

Sunday's Hospitality Consulting Services offers complete services from Concept Development to Completion across different hospitality verticals including Hotels, Resorts, Integrated Mixed use Development, Clubs, Urban Entertainment and Recreation Centers, Spa and wellness facilities. The hospitality consulting services we provide are unique for each project we undertake, and are therefore tailored to meet each client's individual needs. Sunday's experience makes us ideally suited to assist you with your hospitality development project, from Feasibility study to Pre-opening and Opening.

Our Hospitality Consulting Services provide for a diverse range of tourism genres, including Business, Cultural, Spiritual, Adventure, Events and Leisure. Sunday's involvement with a diverse range of Projects highlights our understanding of various developments types and their suited feasibilities.

Whether you are building a new property from the ground up, renovating, re-branding an existing hotel, or simply improving your day-to-day performance, at Sunday we offer the ability to ensure that operational efficiencies and productivity levels contribute to the improved performance and success of your investment. Please use this website to see the various Hospitality Consulting Services Sunday hospitality team can assist you with, read about some of our recent assignments, learn more about the professional consultants who make up the Sunday team, and our key projects related to particular areas of expertise.