Pre opening Services

Pre opening

Preparation for the new hotel opening is done in the so-called Pre-opening phase, which is critical to every new hotel. The objective of the Pre-opening phase is to prepare and position the future hotel in the market, recruit human resources and set the standards for all the operational functions.

In accordance with the planned date for hotel opening, opens up the pre-opening office. Depending on the type and size of the hotel, pre-opening phase can last from 12 to 18 months for large and medium-sized hotels, and from 6 to 9 months for small hotels (up to 50 rooms).

The most important activities that are included in pre-opening phase:

Human resources:

--Recruitment and Coaching of the General Manager

--Recruitment of Heads of departments and the entire staff

--Establish basic personnel standards

--Coordination of training for personnel in cooperation with IFH (Institute for Hospitality Management, Frankfurt)

--The organization of external and in-house training

--Specialized training for personnel

--Training through practical work

--Types of training: Service, Reservations, Reception, Sales, Housekeeping

Marketing and sales:

--Establishing a corporate identity and marketing campaign

--Defining the distribution and sales channels

--Connecting the hotel on the GDS - Global Distribution System

--Create a pricing policy

--Pre-opening sales

--Preparation and implementation of the opening ceremony - "Grand Opening"


--Budget preparation for the Pre-opening phase

--Budgeting for the first 12 months of hotel's operations

--Budget management according to international standards and strategic plans of the client

--Risk management

Preparing for inspection, certification and hotel categorization:

--Preparation of the hotel for all types of inspections

--Preparation of the hotel for the official categorization by the competent authority

--Preparation of the hotel for inspection by the international hotel group (for hotels belonging to the hotel chain)